Abraham Lincoln’s 10 You Cannots

“You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.”
“You cannot help small men by tearing down big men.”
“You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.”
“You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer.”
“You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich.”
“You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income.”
“You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.”
“You cannot establish security on borrowed money.”
“You cannot build character and courage by taking away men’s initiative and independence.”
“You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”


We the People will make our voices heard!

2010 is here, and 2010 is election year.

The Democrats, led by what some people call “The Unholy Trinity,” have expanded the size of government against the will of people. We rallied, attended town hall meetings, made phone calls, wrote letters and e-mails, yet they pretended they couldn’t hear us and passed a so-called stimulus that fund a golf course in a town with more cows than people but did nothing to help our damaged economy; they also rammed through a government takeover of healthcare, and tried to pass a massive energy tax.

Career politicians tried to push their socialist agendas and thought they could do it without paying a price, but they were so wrong…

After Scott Brown’s upset win is Massachusetts, one of the bluest states of America, we can say no Democrat is safe. And how can any Democrat be safe when they’re pushing a liberal agenda in a country where conservatives outnumber liberals 2 to 1. And Barack Hussein Obama isn’t much help either. His poll numbers keep on sinking and it seems like they won’t find a “bottom” anytime soon.

This is a crucial time for America. We are not only choosing who will control Congress for the next 2 years, we are choosing whether our nation will remain the land of freedom and opportunity, or if we’ll become “New Europe.”

We the people need to work hard if we want to take back our country. We need to get involved. We need to make donations, volunteer, spread the word about the Conservative Republican candidate in our district, use social media to get more donations the candidates we are supporting and pray for the country we love.

God bless America, and thank you for reading.

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Obama can’t even throw the first pitch right.

Obama tossed the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the Washington Nationals’ season opener on Monday  afternoon.

The crapy first pitch shows Obama can’t do anything right. He isn’t a good President (let’s see: he pushed for a government takeover of 1/6 of the American economy, pushed for a massive spending bill that was meant to create jobs but so far has saved or created 0, he apologized in the name of the greatest nation on Earth, he decided to end the EITs program that helped prevent many terrorist attacks and therefore saved lives, and the list continues but this post is about the crapy first pitch). He isn’t a nice man, he’s an arrogant man who can’t assume responsibility for his own faults, but instead blames a good man who kept us safe for more than seven years. And he’s not good at baseball. I mean, I was hoping he could, at least, be good at baseball!

He’s really good at lying though. Too bad it’s not a sport.

I know your eyes hurt after seeing Dr. Utopia, so here’s a clip of President Bush’s first pitch, pretty soon after 9/11.

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Do you want tax increases? Support the health care bill!

I think Democrats are willing to pay higher taxes. The thing is normal Americans with brains don’t want to pay higher taxes that will be used to fund a golf course in a town with more cows than people (I’m not making this up, that was something the Democrats funded in order to “stimulate” the economy. So far, it’s worked great!)

Some Americans (41% of American voters according to Rasmussen), support this bill (and only 26% Strongly Favor). Those Americans are supporting a government takeover of 1/6 of our economy, a government takeover of the student loan market, cuts in Medicare, special deals (if I listed them all this post would never end), and tax increases.

We all know the economy is hurting. Many Americans are unemployed and there’s nothing that would hurt them than a tax increase. Yet, Obama and Company are telling them: Washington knows best.

The following is a list of tax increases in H.R. 4872….


Decrease in high-cost plans excise tax: The bill would delay the effective date of the high-cost plans tax from 2013 to 2018, raise the thresholds for what qualifies as a high-cost plan to $10,200 for singles and $27,500 for families.  The bill would include a carve-out for multiemployer plans that generally cover unionized firms that allows single employees to qualify for higher the family threshold.

New Medicare HI tax on investment income: The bill would impose a 3.8 percent tax, transferred to the Medicare Trust Fund, on investment income for singles earning over $200,000 and families earning over $250,000.  The bill would exempt active income from certain business ownership stakes and expenses and distributions from retirement plans.  These thresholds are not indexed for inflation, so an ever increasing number of Americans would become subject to these investment and wage taxes over time.

Flexible Spending Accounts: The bill would delay the effective date of the $2,500 cap on flexible spending accounts from 2011 to 2013.

Increased Tax on Pharmaceutical Industry: The bill would delay the effective date of the pharmaceutical tax one year to 2011, increases the annual fee within the budget window to $4.2 billion in 2018, and increases the per-year fee in perpetuity to $2.8 billion.

Increased Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers: The bill would change the annual fee with a set dollar amount to an excise tax on medical device sales at 2.9 percent of the price of the device, delayed until 2013.

Increased Fees on Health Insurers: H.R. 4872 would delay the effective date on the net premiums for the insurance company tax from 2010 to 2014, provide an exclusion for certain non-profit insurers and voluntary employees’ beneficiary associations, and increase the annual fee to $14.3 billion in 2018, increasing thereafter annually based on premium growth.

Delay of Elimination of Deductible Part D Subsidy: The bill would end the deduction for the Medicare Part D subsidy two years later-in 2013.

Eliminates Credit for “Black Liquor”: The bill would prevent a byproduct from paper production known as “black liquor” from qualifying for the cellulosic biofuels tax credit.

But obviously, it’s Bush’s fault….


Socialized nightmare.

Today the future of the nation I love will be decided: a vote for this bill is a giant leap against our founding values, those of limited government, individual responsibility, and individual liberty.

B. Hussein Obama has been trying to sell this bill to the American people, campaigning almost in a daily basis. Yet Americans oppose this bill by huge margins. According to Rasmussen, only 41% of American voters favor the legislation. 54% of voters oppose it. Among those not affiliated with either party, 59% oppose the legislation.

Obama’s job approval is sinking like the Titanic. Americans feel their President is out of touch, because Americans are hurting, many people are unemployed and he’s focused on his socialist dreams of having the government taking over 1/6 of our economy. But obviously it’s Bush’s fault.

Of course, if the Democrats pass this bill it will be great politically for Republicans. But I’m not worried about politics, I’m worried about my freedom and the country I love.

Patriots keep the pressure on, don’t give up.

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What did Obama Accomplish?

What did Obama accomplish?

  • He blamed Bush.
  • His poll numbers are as low as MSNBC ratings.
  • He blamed Bush again.
  • He lost the Olympics.
  • He can’t get his communist health care bill passed. [And he said it would be done by August….]
  • He can’t get Cap and Tax passed.
  • His stimulus didn’t create a dang job. [I’m wrong, he created 3 jobs: one in MA, one in NJ, and one in VA…]
  • He blamed Bush.
  • He nominated a wise latina. Now the Supreme Court has another who will legislate from the bench.
  • He apologized.
  • He bowed.
  • He made us more vulnerable to a terrorist attack.
  • Panty bomber mirandized.
  • Everything is Bush’s fault, even Scott Brown’s victory.
  • Have you seen the Health Care negotiations on C-SPAN?

Can’t believe anybody supports him…

Thank God Saddam is gone…

Today, Iraqis made their voices heard, and  MSNBC wants to give credit to Obama, even though he opposed the surge and maybe they even want to share some of that credit with Biden who wanted to divide Iraq into 3 countries. The truth is that President Bush deserves credit for taking action against a man that was a threat to the USA and what we stand for: Freedom.

President Bush understood the threat that Saddam Hussein was, and he had the guts to do what was right. He didn’t take a look at the latest Gallup poll before making a decision, he is a man that makes his decisions based upon his principles.

Saddam Hussein was  an anti-American nut job, who tortured and killed its own people. The world is better-off without him. Under the iron rule of Saddam Hussein, civil and liberties and civil rights were virtually non-existent.

The following was posted in the White House’s website while George W. Bush was President (I wish he was still President!)

“The prison was a terrible, miserable place. I saw my relatives being tortured. One time, they buried my uncle in the sand up to his neck and left him in the heat. It was awful to watch. But the worst day was when they came for my father. Even then, I knew I would never see him again. I could feel it.”
— Khairiya Hatim, Iraqi town councilor who was imprisoned with her family because of their allegiance to a banned opposition party, Sunday Telegraph (London), September 28, 2003


“Most afternoons, among the market stalls leading to the old city of Najaf young men set up TV sets in the street showing grotesque scenes of cruelty. Handcuffed prisoners are executed with sticks of dynamite shoved into their pockets. Screaming men plead for their lives as they are beaten by Saddam Hussein’s secret police. Crimson fragments of bodies lie in the street, moments after a huge explosion, to the soundtrack of an Arab lament. The crowds gather round. People mutter and shake their heads. Then they queue to pay 1,000 Iraqi dinars (about 33p) [50 cents] for laser discs containing footage of the appalling scenes. These are the atrocity discs of Iraq, a booming mini-industry in a country still stricken by the consequences of the war. They are produced in home factories, with the simplest computer equipment.”
— The London Times, September 20, 2003

“Prisoners were often eliminated with a bullet to the head, but one witness told the London-based human rights group Indict that inmates were sometimes murdered by being dropped into shredding machines. Some prisoners went in headfirst and died quickly, while others were put in feet first and died screaming. The witness said that on at least one occasion, Qusai supervised shredding-machine murders.”
— Associated Press, July 22, 2003


“In the last room, where she was held for several hours, the door was locked. At sunset two men entered. She recalled they said they had to take routine security precautions in advance of a meeting with Uday Hussein. They slipped a black hood over her head and tied her hands behind her back. The anxiety, which had mounted through the day, flared into terror. She was taken down to a lower level in an elevator and then along a passageway that seemed narrow because of the way the two men bumped against her. She was pushed into a room and tied, spread-eagle, to a bed.

“‘All of this period, I didn’t resist,’ she said. ‘But on the bed, I knew. I said, “I am like your sister; please don’t do this.” I started to beg. They said if our sister married an Indian and started a network against the government, we would kill her. I kept praying, calling for Jesus and the Virgin Mary. I prayed to Muhammad. They damned them all.’

“‘They raped me twice that first day,’ she continued. ‘I don’t know the persons. Two of them. I couldn’t see them. They kept raping for four days as well as I can remember. They took my honor.’

“Over the next seven months, Hanna said, she implicated people she had never heard of in a spy network she knew nothing about. She was routinely beaten and she said the Major, in a grotesque joke, kept three sticks on a wall hanging under the names Jesus, the prophet Muhammad and Imam Ali, whom Shiite Muslims believe is Muhammad’s true heir. Whichever holy man a prisoner called out for determined which stick they were beaten with. The Major, she said, also routinely used electric shock and once set a police dog on her in a small room; the scar of the bite mark is still on her arm.

“One of his preferred forms of torture, she said, was to order the women to strip, then tie them to the tree trunk, and smear wet sugar on them so the dogs would terrorize them as they licked it off their bodies. Hanna also identified his superior at the academy.”
— The Washington Post, July 21, 2003


“’Among them here are children of ages less than three – what was their guilt that they should be murdered?’ Mr Amin said. ‘Just because they were Kurds? Among them are old women with no teeth. What harm could they do? Saddam Hussein was nothing but a dictator and a killer.’

“Sunni Arab villager Ali Ibrahim said his friend Khalil Eid, then a 14-year-old shepherd, was one of the few local people to have had first-hand experience of the massacre. ‘One day he came to this place with his sheep and some army vehicles came, and they told him to go far away because there would be shooting practice here,’ Mr Ibrahim said. ‘He went far off into the desert but later he sneaked back and heard the sound of firing and people screaming.’ After the forces had driven away he came and saw they had leveled the ground. It’s a disaster. It’s a crime that cannot be described.”
— The Age (Melbourne), July 17, 2003


“‘That’s when I realized this was no ordinary execution,’ said the officer, a retired colonel from the Iraqi 2nd Army Corps who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“‘The government was using prisoners to test its chemical weapons.’

“‘He didn’t have a mark on him, nothing,’ Al-Hamid recalled bitterly. ‘We were told not to touch him. We were told to bury him as fast as possible.’ As for the Iraqi army intelligence officer who claims to have witnessed the test gassing of hundreds of prisoners at an open-air site in the desert near Jalula, which is about 80 miles northeast of Baghdad and 20 miles from the Iranian border, he asserted that the bodies he saw also bore no marks. ‘It was like they were asleep,’ he said with lingering awe.”
— Chicago Tribune, July 16, 2003


“My family lived in fear of his men, who were always watching us. Family friends were assassinated, tortured, or just disappeared.”
— Sharif Ali, The Daily Telegraph, June 11, 2003


“Saddam killed our people for resisting him. Some were executed for speaking in a religious way when greeting his men. A woman was killed for wearing a veil.”
— Bakr al-Saad, a member of the Daawa party, Orlando Sentinel, June 8, 2003


“Uday’s favourite punishment was the medieval falaqa, a rod with clamps that go around the ankles so that the offender, feet in the air, can be hit on the bare soles with a stick. A top official in radio and TV says he received so many beatings for trivial mistakes like being late for meetings or making grammatical errors on his broadcasts that Uday ordered him to carry a falaqa in his car. Uday also had an iron maiden that he used to torture Iraqi athletes whose performance disappointed him.
— Time, May 25, 2003


“The killing began one morning in October 1991 at 8:30. The frightened Kuwaitis – blindfolded, with hands bound by lime-green plastic ties – were ordered into horseshoe formations at the training school for the intelligence service in Baghdad. The prisoners had been brought there that morning in vans and buses.

“A single intelligence man carrying a machine gun positioned himself inside the horseshoe. The prisoners wept and cried out the Muslim prayer before death: there is no god but God.

“The gunfire began. The shooter pivoted, according to the account provided to Mr. Abu Musab, using the horseshoe formation to make the executions quicker. Formation after formation was brought forward until all were dead. All were men, save one.”
— Agence France-Presse, May 17, 2003


And regarding what I said at the beginning about MSNBC:

This is Newsweek’s cover:

And this is the way they cropped that image:

Shame on MSNBC!

God Bless America, our troops and President Bush. [And Congratulations to Iraqis!]