Most Americans support Arizona’s immigration law.

A new Washington Post/ABC News found that a big majority of Americans support the Arizona immigration law, which basically enforces existing immigration laws that the federal government has ignored or is incapable of enforcing.

  • 58 percent of Americans say they are supportive of the new law.
  • Another poll, from Zogby, shows that 53% of Americans agree with deploying troops on the Mexican border as a temporary measure. 40% disagree.

Many liberals have accused the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, of racist, when she even followed up with legislation that makes it a crime to arrest someone based on the color of their skin. And just in case, there can be a handsome tall blonde blue-eyed man from Sweden residing illegally in Arizona. Would it be “racial profiling” if the police stopped a man like the one I described in the sentence before?

SB 1070 targets illegal immigrants, who came to the U.S. from any part of the world. Racial profiling is not an issue here. It’s not like President Obama said once:

“But now suddenly if you don’t have your papers and you took your kid out to get ice cream, you’re going to be harassed”

You are going to be stopped and asked for identification, if for example, you ran a stop-sign. Normal people usually carry with them their driver’s license when they’re driving, you know….

Many government officials have been critical of this legislation, but of course, they didn’t even bother to read the 17-pages-long law.

Reading is good for you, Democrats!

Answer this poll:

Viva la 1070! 🙂


513 days since Obama took office.

And they say water boarding is torture!

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Early this morning a source of mine allowed me to take a sneak peek into the President’s address to the nation from the Oval Office.

The following are some lines from the prepared speech, and my commentary:

Let me be clear: I can handle a crisis.

O.K. Maybe he can handle a crisis. Hussein Obama doesn’t look stressed… at all. And how could he look stressed when he hits the golf course as often as he can!

In my opinion, that line refers to him being calmed in the center of his Katrina.

I’m O.K. with sipping with a straw the oil the mistakes of the last eight years caused to spill.

Yes, he’s going to blame Bush often during his address. Also, expect him to talk a lot about himself. Kid Hussein looks like an adult, but acts like a 5-year-old boy, who can only think about himself, due to arrogance and selfishness, and can’t take responsibility for his own actions. Instead he blames somebody else, who has nothing to do with this mess, in hopes the American people will give him a “free pass.”

I apologize to my friends in Mexico. Lo lamento! America’s arrogance during the last eight years caused this mess, but I’m here, and you can still have hope, I’m a “changer.”

There he goes again! Well, he hasn’t apologized (that much) lately, so he had to. My source told me that we shouldn’t expect to see American flags: that could be offensive to Hussein’s friends around the world.

Oh, and as an aside, Obama should hire a new advisor. By doing so he would save or create 200010010101 jobs, and also change his lame political strategy to one more effective. The “Blame Bush” game does not longer work: Americans want a grown up man in the White House, someone who takes responsibility for his faults. Americans want a leader, not someone who will pass the buck on to somebody else.

And, again, Americans aren’t arrogant. I’m not going to explain my life in a blog post about what liberals think will be the Gettysburg Address II, but my personal experiences have shown me how nice and friendly Americans are. There are exceptions, of course, being among them Hussein Obama.

And following is the last extract I’m posting… for now:

During the last 60 days, I’ve shown the American people I can lead this country.

O.K. He’s shown us what a great golfer, basketballer, and tennis player he is. He hasn’t shown leadership, however.

Reading some phrases from a teleprompter didn’t, and won’t, help those who are suffering in the Gulf Coast during this disaster. Leadership and actions, not nice words and blame games, will help them.

Almost 60 days into this crisis he has shown us he’s a terrible leader.

Thank you for reading. God bless you, and God bless America.

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NOTE: The extracts from the President’s address written above aren’t real. Any coincidence is just that… a coincidence.

We the People will make our voices heard!

2010 is here, and 2010 is election year.

The Democrats, led by what some people call “The Unholy Trinity,” have expanded the size of government against the will of people. We rallied, attended town hall meetings, made phone calls, wrote letters and e-mails, yet they pretended they couldn’t hear us and passed a so-called stimulus that fund a golf course in a town with more cows than people but did nothing to help our damaged economy; they also rammed through a government takeover of healthcare, and tried to pass a massive energy tax.

Career politicians tried to push their socialist agendas and thought they could do it without paying a price, but they were so wrong…

After Scott Brown’s upset win is Massachusetts, one of the bluest states of America, we can say no Democrat is safe. And how can any Democrat be safe when they’re pushing a liberal agenda in a country where conservatives outnumber liberals 2 to 1. And Barack Hussein Obama isn’t much help either. His poll numbers keep on sinking and it seems like they won’t find a “bottom” anytime soon.

This is a crucial time for America. We are not only choosing who will control Congress for the next 2 years, we are choosing whether our nation will remain the land of freedom and opportunity, or if we’ll become “New Europe.”

We the people need to work hard if we want to take back our country. We need to get involved. We need to make donations, volunteer, spread the word about the Conservative Republican candidate in our district, use social media to get more donations the candidates we are supporting and pray for the country we love.

God bless America, and thank you for reading.

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Obama can’t even throw the first pitch right.

Obama tossed the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the Washington Nationals’ season opener on Monday  afternoon.

The crapy first pitch shows Obama can’t do anything right. He isn’t a good President (let’s see: he pushed for a government takeover of 1/6 of the American economy, pushed for a massive spending bill that was meant to create jobs but so far has saved or created 0, he apologized in the name of the greatest nation on Earth, he decided to end the EITs program that helped prevent many terrorist attacks and therefore saved lives, and the list continues but this post is about the crapy first pitch). He isn’t a nice man, he’s an arrogant man who can’t assume responsibility for his own faults, but instead blames a good man who kept us safe for more than seven years. And he’s not good at baseball. I mean, I was hoping he could, at least, be good at baseball!

He’s really good at lying though. Too bad it’s not a sport.

I know your eyes hurt after seeing Dr. Utopia, so here’s a clip of President Bush’s first pitch, pretty soon after 9/11.

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Socialized nightmare.

Today the future of the nation I love will be decided: a vote for this bill is a giant leap against our founding values, those of limited government, individual responsibility, and individual liberty.

B. Hussein Obama has been trying to sell this bill to the American people, campaigning almost in a daily basis. Yet Americans oppose this bill by huge margins. According to Rasmussen, only 41% of American voters favor the legislation. 54% of voters oppose it. Among those not affiliated with either party, 59% oppose the legislation.

Obama’s job approval is sinking like the Titanic. Americans feel their President is out of touch, because Americans are hurting, many people are unemployed and he’s focused on his socialist dreams of having the government taking over 1/6 of our economy. But obviously it’s Bush’s fault.

Of course, if the Democrats pass this bill it will be great politically for Republicans. But I’m not worried about politics, I’m worried about my freedom and the country I love.

Patriots keep the pressure on, don’t give up.

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What did Obama Accomplish?

What did Obama accomplish?

  • He blamed Bush.
  • His poll numbers are as low as MSNBC ratings.
  • He blamed Bush again.
  • He lost the Olympics.
  • He can’t get his communist health care bill passed. [And he said it would be done by August….]
  • He can’t get Cap and Tax passed.
  • His stimulus didn’t create a dang job. [I’m wrong, he created 3 jobs: one in MA, one in NJ, and one in VA…]
  • He blamed Bush.
  • He nominated a wise latina. Now the Supreme Court has another who will legislate from the bench.
  • He apologized.
  • He bowed.
  • He made us more vulnerable to a terrorist attack.
  • Panty bomber mirandized.
  • Everything is Bush’s fault, even Scott Brown’s victory.
  • Have you seen the Health Care negotiations on C-SPAN?

Can’t believe anybody supports him…