Socialized nightmare.

Today the future of the nation I love will be decided: a vote for this bill is a giant leap against our founding values, those of limited government, individual responsibility, and individual liberty.

B. Hussein Obama has been trying to sell this bill to the American people, campaigning almost in a daily basis. Yet Americans oppose this bill by huge margins. According to Rasmussen, only 41% of American voters favor the legislation. 54% of voters oppose it. Among those not affiliated with either party, 59% oppose the legislation.

Obama’s job approval is sinking like the Titanic. Americans feel their President is out of touch, because Americans are hurting, many people are unemployed and he’s focused on his socialist dreams of having the government taking over 1/6 of our economy. But obviously it’s Bush’s fault.

Of course, if the Democrats pass this bill it will be great politically for Republicans. But I’m not worried about politics, I’m worried about my freedom and the country I love.

Patriots keep the pressure on, don’t give up.

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