We the People will make our voices heard!

2010 is here, and 2010 is election year.

The Democrats, led by what some people call “The Unholy Trinity,” have expanded the size of government against the will of people. We rallied, attended town hall meetings, made phone calls, wrote letters and e-mails, yet they pretended they couldn’t hear us and passed a so-called stimulus that fund a golf course in a town with more cows than people but did nothing to help our damaged economy; they also rammed through a government takeover of healthcare, and tried to pass a massive energy tax.

Career politicians tried to push their socialist agendas and thought they could do it without paying a price, but they were so wrong…

After Scott Brown’s upset win is Massachusetts, one of the bluest states of America, we can say no Democrat is safe. And how can any Democrat be safe when they’re pushing a liberal agenda in a country where conservatives outnumber liberals 2 to 1. And Barack Hussein Obama isn’t much help either. His poll numbers keep on sinking and it seems like they won’t find a “bottom” anytime soon.

This is a crucial time for America. We are not only choosing who will control Congress for the next 2 years, we are choosing whether our nation will remain the land of freedom and opportunity, or if we’ll become “New Europe.”

We the people need to work hard if we want to take back our country. We need to get involved. We need to make donations, volunteer, spread the word about the Conservative Republican candidate in our district, use social media to get more donations the candidates we are supporting and pray for the country we love.

God bless America, and thank you for reading.

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