Obama can’t even throw the first pitch right.

Obama tossed the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the Washington Nationals’ season opener on Monday  afternoon.

The crapy first pitch shows Obama can’t do anything right. He isn’t a good President (let’s see: he pushed for a government takeover of 1/6 of the American economy, pushed for a massive spending bill that was meant to create jobs but so far has saved or created 0, he apologized in the name of the greatest nation on Earth, he decided to end the EITs program that helped prevent many terrorist attacks and therefore saved lives, and the list continues but this post is about the crapy first pitch). He isn’t a nice man, he’s an arrogant man who can’t assume responsibility for his own faults, but instead blames a good man who kept us safe for more than seven years. And he’s not good at baseball. I mean, I was hoping he could, at least, be good at baseball!

He’s really good at lying though. Too bad it’s not a sport.

I know your eyes hurt after seeing Dr. Utopia, so here’s a clip of President Bush’s first pitch, pretty soon after 9/11.

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About Flor Miguez
I am a conservative (right-wing extremist). I am for a small government and low taxes. I love freedom. Can't stand the Obama socialist agenda! Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/flor2009

5 Responses to Obama can’t even throw the first pitch right.

  1. Flor Miguez says:

    Leave comments! 😉

  2. Pyewacket says:

    Did you really say, in reference to the toss of a baseball, “That’s what I call leadership”???

    How can I upload a video of me fly casting to your blog? I want to show you what morality looks like!


    • Flor Miguez says:

      PRESIDENT BUSH’S LEADERSHIP = The man had the guts to do what was right for the country we love, without asking for France’s permission or with the desire of winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

      The man kept our asses safe for more than seven years. That’s what I call leadership.

      Thanks for reading my post.

      • mark f says:

        “The man kept our asses safe for more than seven years.”

        But less than eight.

      • Flor Miguez says:

        Yeah, you gotta love the way Obama is keeping us safe, anyway….

        After the Inaugural George W. Bush asked Dr. Rice to prepare a strategy to defeat al Qaeda and kill Usama bin Ladin, remarking he was tired of “swatting flies.” President Bush had only been in office for 8 months as of 9/11, and he showed leadership. He didn’t do what would be best for his popularity, he did what was best for you and me. He did what was best for the country he loves, and it didn’t matter to him how unpopular that could be.

        Because of his policies 27 plots against the US were foiled.

        George W. Bush helped improve the lives of many Afghan people, especially women and children. Saddam Hussein, a tyrant who abused the Iraqi people was removed from office and is now dead. His two murderous sons are dead, and all but a handful of members of his regime were killed or captured. The Al Qaeda network and its allies were weakened. Hundreds of Al Qaeda members were captured or killed. Khalid Sheik Mohammed (September 11th Attacks Mastermind) is in US custody, and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (the former leader of Al-Qaeda in Iraq) was killed in 2006.

        That is President Bush’s legacy.
        On the other hand, we’ll always remember Bill Clinton as the “Father of 9/11” because the coward couldn’t do anything right.

        Thanks for visiting my blog.

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