Do you want tax increases? Support the health care bill!

I think Democrats are willing to pay higher taxes. The thing is normal Americans with brains don’t want to pay higher taxes that will be used to fund a golf course in a town with more cows than people (I’m not making this up, that was something the Democrats funded in order to “stimulate” the economy. So far, it’s worked great!)

Some Americans (41% of American voters according to Rasmussen), support this bill (and only 26% Strongly Favor). Those Americans are supporting a government takeover of 1/6 of our economy, a government takeover of the student loan market, cuts in Medicare, special deals (if I listed them all this post would never end), and tax increases.

We all know the economy is hurting. Many Americans are unemployed and there’s nothing that would hurt them than a tax increase. Yet, Obama and Company are telling them: Washington knows best.

The following is a list of tax increases in H.R. 4872….


Decrease in high-cost plans excise tax: The bill would delay the effective date of the high-cost plans tax from 2013 to 2018, raise the thresholds for what qualifies as a high-cost plan to $10,200 for singles and $27,500 for families.  The bill would include a carve-out for multiemployer plans that generally cover unionized firms that allows single employees to qualify for higher the family threshold.

New Medicare HI tax on investment income: The bill would impose a 3.8 percent tax, transferred to the Medicare Trust Fund, on investment income for singles earning over $200,000 and families earning over $250,000.  The bill would exempt active income from certain business ownership stakes and expenses and distributions from retirement plans.  These thresholds are not indexed for inflation, so an ever increasing number of Americans would become subject to these investment and wage taxes over time.

Flexible Spending Accounts: The bill would delay the effective date of the $2,500 cap on flexible spending accounts from 2011 to 2013.

Increased Tax on Pharmaceutical Industry: The bill would delay the effective date of the pharmaceutical tax one year to 2011, increases the annual fee within the budget window to $4.2 billion in 2018, and increases the per-year fee in perpetuity to $2.8 billion.

Increased Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers: The bill would change the annual fee with a set dollar amount to an excise tax on medical device sales at 2.9 percent of the price of the device, delayed until 2013.

Increased Fees on Health Insurers: H.R. 4872 would delay the effective date on the net premiums for the insurance company tax from 2010 to 2014, provide an exclusion for certain non-profit insurers and voluntary employees’ beneficiary associations, and increase the annual fee to $14.3 billion in 2018, increasing thereafter annually based on premium growth.

Delay of Elimination of Deductible Part D Subsidy: The bill would end the deduction for the Medicare Part D subsidy two years later-in 2013.

Eliminates Credit for “Black Liquor”: The bill would prevent a byproduct from paper production known as “black liquor” from qualifying for the cellulosic biofuels tax credit.

But obviously, it’s Bush’s fault….



About Flor Miguez
I am a conservative (right-wing extremist). I am for a small government and low taxes. I love freedom. Can't stand the Obama socialist agenda! Follow me on Twitter!

11 Responses to Do you want tax increases? Support the health care bill!

  1. SK0811 says:

    Not only no….but HELL NO!

    Those that vote for this garbage will pay dearly, in November!

    Renew the Spirit of 1775!

  2. American Patriot for Healthcare says:

    I don’t mind paying higher taxes if it means getting treatment for those who can’t help themselves without going broke.

    Then again, I’m a Christian who believes that the physical welfare of even one of my fellow Americans is worth more than the fiscal surplus of our more selfish and greedy “patriots.”

    • Flor Miguez says:

      I was born in the first welfare state of Latin America. Trust me, I know welfare doesn’t work. I know how the thing these people are trying to pass is.
      I love America, because I love freedom, and I don’t want to lose it. And I want my children to be free.

      I want some sort of health care reform. Republicans lawmakers have introduced ideas for real reform, but arrogant Democrats won’t consider some of those ideas like selling insurance across state lines and TORT reform.
      This bill is not about reducing costs or improving the insurance system. This bill is about giving the federal government more power. This is not about health care.

  3. It’s redistribution of wealth pure and simple. We must stop this outrageous theft of our personal assets and the destruction of small businesses and the crushing financial burden this will leave to our children and grandchildren and their grandchildren. Is this America? No. Not my America. Not the nation my ancestors fought and died for. My patriot ancestors stood at Lexington and Concord and defied the Crown for far less than this. Wake up America and stand up for liberty and against this tyranny.

    • Flor Miguez says:

      We need to pray for the country we love.

      Our soldiers fight for liberty, not tyranny.

      Thanks for taking some time to read my blog! 😉

  4. Earl Hood says:

    The first step to turning a country into socialism is to take over Healthcare! From there all other evil plans will develop., like what you eat to how you live, the government will make laws to control you in the name of “doing whay is best” for you because you are too stupid to know what is in your best interest. The is healthcare take over is just a way to reinacting Slavery on American citizens.

  5. Thanks! This helped so much! I’ve read several
    rather confusing websites lately, this cleared up some confusion I had.

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  8. np says:

    I resent my tax dollars being redistributed to the Pentagon.

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