Miss me Yet?

There´s a sign in a highway in Minnesota (I-35) with a photo of President Bush waving at drivers, with the words “Miss me yet?.”

This sign in Minnesota reflects how much Americans are missing George W. Bush. A non-scientific poll in (leftist) web site AOL News shows 52% miss President Bush, 14% Miss him somewhat, and 34% Don´t miss him. People in both sides of the aisle are beginning to realize the era of hopey and changey is dead, because socialism didn´t work. Many Obama supporters (the moderates, the socialists will never wake up… Brain death) are turning their back on Obama (i.e.: Obama Girl), and are being less critical of Bush.

The Blame Bush game is over. Americans are tired of it. I think that what Americans miss the most about George W. is his character, he never blamed anything on Clinton. Never. He inherited problems, and keywords with no “W´s”, but he never complained. He got his job done. And he did it great.

This sign was given major coverage in the last couple of days on TV and it was the subject of many blog posts.

So… who paid for the Billboard?

Mary Tesken, spokeswoman of “Schubert & Hoey Advertising” said the Billboard is…

“…Paid for by a group of small business owners who feel like Washington is against them. They wish to remain anonymus.”

(Just in case one of those “small business owners” is reading…. Thank you!)

Yes, Mr. President. I miss you, and many other fellow Americans miss you as well. We miss having a man in the White House who loves his country, worries about our national security, supports our men and women in uniform, and is funny and charismatic (among may other great things…)

I wish there was a way we could raise some money and have billboards from sea to shinning sea. It would drive leftists insane. Ideas on how to make this possible?


(I wrote this post feeling horrible (women issues…) so I apologize for bad writing quality)

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About Flor Miguez
I am a conservative (right-wing extremist). I am for a small government and low taxes. I love freedom. Can't stand the Obama socialist agenda! Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/flor2009

7 Responses to Miss me Yet?

  1. Thanks for the poll. The sign must be diving the socialist/commies nuts. Makes me smile.



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  4. Flor Miguez says:

    Leave comments! I love comments! 😉

    • Tickedoff2 says:

      Okay Flor, here is a comment. 🙂

      Yes! I miss President Bush! Desperately!!!

      You could raise funds the same way WND did for their “Where’s the Birth Certificate” billboards.

      Start a drive on your blog and forward it to others with a blog or contacts.

  5. Flor te hablo en español porke vos me entendes D:U
    em lei todo el post.. y no ando mucho en politica y tampoco se mucho acerca de como son las cosas en Estados Unidos… ni siquiera se mucho de Obama x_x
    A mi sinceramente Bush no me agrada :s (es más en el poll puse ke no lo extraño xD), por todo lo que paso a lo largo de estos años, no podria explicarlo bien pero yo senti que muchos paises, por ejemplo japon y etc. se dedicaban a no usar cosas con mucho petroleo O ALGO ASI XD no me acuerdo muy bien se ke era todo para reducir la contaminacion.. y bush se negó <_<
    Y eso me hizo enojar..
    A lo mejor claro.. a la gente de su pais les daba de todo.. pila de cosas.. a lo mejor era mejor ke obama con la gente de su pais…
    Pero yo creo que a bush lo ama su país pero el mundo no simpatiza con el.. y a lo mejor a obama no le cae bien su pais pero el mundo simpatiza con el.. Poniendonos a pensar ke EEUU es una potencia mundial y controla todo.. un dia senti algo como el "cerebro o el controlador del mundo"…

    No se que opinas al respecto..

    By the way… pasate por mi blog flor :3 recien escribí una cosa y me encantaría ke la leyeras y comentaras T_T amo los coments

    Cuidate ~

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