Obama’s first year. [TERRORISM]

I’m going to start this post with some words of then candidate Obama in the campaign trail:

September 8, 2008.

“Don’t mock the Constitution. Don’t make fun of it. Don’t suggest that it’s not American to abide by what the founding fathers set up. It’s worked pretty well for over 200 years.”

I can’t believe he even got an applause for that one. The man is worried about reading the terrorists their rights. He doesn’t care about the intelligence information we need to save lives, he cares about the terrorists’ rights. I wish he treated conservatives just as nice as he treats terrorists.

Barack Obama is a father. He has two lovely daughters, and I think that his main concern should be: “Are they safe?” Well, when we had a man in the White House with the guts to do what was right, they were safe. We all were safe. But I don’t think we are safe now: Obama is making us more vulnerable: he’s apologizing to our biggest enemies, he ended the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques that saved millions of lives, he is more worried about getting out of Afghanistan than winning the war (and keep in mind: if the Taliban wins, Al Qaeda would be back in power).

But that, America, is what he meant when he talked about Hope and Change.

January 22, 2009.

President Obama vowed to close Gitmo by January 2010.

“Guantanamo will be closed no later than a year from now.[…] We won’t torture but we can still obtain […] the intelligence that we need”

Mr. President, the Enhanced Interrogation Techniques were not torture. Those techniques were legal and they saved lives.

February 2009.

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano referes to terror attacks as “man caused disasters.” Change we can believe in.

She stated “we want to move away from the politics of fear.”

November 5, 2009.

Terrorist Attack on Fort Hood. [I mean, man-caused disaster in Fort Hood, sorry.] 13 were killed and 38 wounded.[Personally, I think 14 were killed, 1 of the victims was pregnant…] Nidal Malik Hasan was the responsible. He has ties to Inam al-Awlaki, a rock star among Islamic extremists.

November 6, 2009.

Obama headed to Camp David.

George and Laura Bush visited the wounded.

November 13, 2009.

Eric Holder announces some terrorists, including 9/11 mastermind, will be tried in New York City. The cost of the trials could exceed $600 million. Holder is going to be giving the terrorists exactly what they want. The terrorists should be tried in a military court.

December 25, 2009.

Attempted terror attack. Crazy Jihadist [Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab] with Al Qaeda ties, boards a plane with a bomb in his pants.

December 27, 2009.

Janet Napolitano: the system “worked.”

December 28, 2009.

3 days after the attempted attack, Obama finally speaks. Says crazy Jihadist is “an isolated extremist.” Remember how liberals criticized President Bush because he stayed a couple of minutes in a school classroom, because he didn’t want to scare the little kids? Where were the liberals now? [Vacationing in Hawaii with Obama, maybe?]

January 2, 2009.

Detroit suspect also tied to Inam al-Awlaki and Al-Qaeda. But as Obama said, he was “an isolated extremist.”

This is the third of a series of blog posts about Obama’s first year. Read the other two here and here. Tomorrow, the post will be about Afghanistan. You can sign up to receive the post, the link is on the sidebar. Thanks.

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NOTE: I’m sorry about the bad quality of the post, but I’m not feeling fine. Yesterday’s speech killed me. Too many lies said in 70 minutes, my head almost exploded…


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I am a conservative (right-wing extremist). I am for a small government and low taxes. I love freedom. Can't stand the Obama socialist agenda! Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/flor2009

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