Democrats’ SOTOP Talking Points.

The following is an excerpt of Democrats talking points:

“The American People Demand Accountability from ‘The Party of No'”

Senate Democrats have made their goals clear to the American people – we are about strengthening our economy, creating good paying jobs and ensuring all Americans can access affordable health care.

· We understand the anger, anxiety and frustration among American families as the economy continues its recovery.

· We have made progress, but we know that much work lies ahead of us.

· The American people are still waiting to find out where Republicans stand on the important issues.

· On Meet the Press this weekend, the Senate Republican leader was asked what his caucus planned to support in a bipartisan manner.  His answer – or lack thereof – prompted the moderator to claim, “So it sounds like the party of no charge is well deserved.”

· So far, all we know about the Republican plan is that they side with health insurers over patients, they want to take it easy on Wall Street – even at the expense of Main Street and they’re content to sit on the sidelines and obstruct progress as the American people struggle.

· The American people, now more than ever, will hold them accountable if they decide to continue sitting on their hands and doing nothing.

I am a Republican. Democrats call us “Party of No.” But dear Democrats: we are the party of YES! Yes to freedom. Yes to individual responsibility. Yes to the individual’s right to keep and bear arms. Yes to less government spending. Yes to lower taxes. Yes to a smaller federal government. Yes to TORT reform. Yes to buying health insurance across state limits. Republicans don’t blame America, Republicans don’t apologize for America and Republicans are proud Americans. Republicans believe America has the right to defend Herself. Republicans support freedom. Republicans support free speech.

Republicans like me have a brain, so we don’t support a government takeover of healthcare. We opposed the failed stimulus.

Massachusetts elected Scott Brown to vote NO to a government takeover of one sixth of the American economy. Maybe he was elected because “the party of no” is actually in touch with we the people. Unlike the party that is willing to  push the dang health care bill down our throats. Obama even dared to say people elected Scott Brown because the people are angry at Bush, who the hell is he trying to kid?! I’m mad as hell at him, because he’s destroying the country I love.

So today, SOTOP [State of the Obama Propaganda] is about blaming Bush and Republicans.

More coming up.

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About Flor Miguez
I am a conservative (right-wing extremist). I am for a small government and low taxes. I love freedom. Can't stand the Obama socialist agenda! Follow me on Twitter!

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