The UK has a great Health Care System! [And I’m Santa…]

*Waiting times: Wait times were so long in the emergency rooms that the British government came up with one more regulation: patients must be seen in less than four hours.

Now, patients are held outside the hospital in a parked ambulance, for five hours or more, before being let into the emergency room. The government-mandated four hour clock doesn’t officially start until the patient actually come through the doors.

But the waiting doesn’t end there… Once you went through the doors, you have to wait again until a doctor treats you. If you ever go to the UK, beware: even a paper cut could be fatal…

Imagine you had to wait for hours for a life saving ambulance trip to the hospital…

One man with suspected poisoning had to wait three hours 47 minutes for an ambulance to drive less than a mile to treat him.

Others suffering from severe breathing difficulties have had to wait two hours for medical help to arrive.

A patient with severe back pain waited nine hours 11 minutes for paramedics to show up in London. The ambulance trust blamed a lack of vehicles.

Some “category-A” patients (those with life-threatening illness) had to wait two hours and 34 minutes.

Change we can believe in, for sure…

*Forget about washed bedsheets. They are a waste of money!: At Good Hope, a government-run hospital in the UK, members of the housekeeping staff were reminded that washing bedsheets would cost about 40 cents. So, instead of washing the bedsheets between patient and patient, they only turn them over…

Bacterias are the only beings that may enjoy Socialized Deathcare….

*Another hospital tries to save money by “prescribing cheaper medicines, reducing the number of sterile packs used, cutting hospital tests and asking patients to bring their drugs from home.”

*Epsom and St Helier Trust in South London has removed every third light bulb from corridors.

*The best healthcare system in the world or what? In 2006, the government made waiting times for surgeries “Shorter than ever.” Now, thanks to the government you can have that surgery you needed within six months. This measure helped those who were waiting for several years for operations.

But it made the delays for the average patient even longer. Wait times increased by about 20%with waits for certain types of care increasing by 143%.

*British People don’t smile often… And it’s not only because their HC system sucks…: The dental coverage in the UK is a complete disaster… A man pulled out 13 of his own teeth with a pair of pliers.

This man,Ian Boynton, a former soldier, had to pull out his teeth because he could not find a NHS dentist. Iraq War veteran Ian Boynton could not afford to go private for treatment.

Ian Boynton is not the only British who san’t afford getting dental care. 1 in 5 people don’t get any dental care because the cost is way too high. (I thought it was free…)


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