Socialized medicine: a nightmare around the Globe.

Liberals want you to believe that countries with universal healthcare have a great system, and everything is sunshine, lollypops and rainbows!

But socialized medicine has proven itself not as a good healthcare system, but as an excellent deathcare system.

Let’s take a look at universal healthcare around the globe:

FRANCE: French workers pay about 19% of earnings in taxes for health insurance, and yet still more than 90% purchase complementary private insurance.

ITALY: The average wait for a mammogram is 70 days.

GREAT BRITAIN: About 20% of patients with treatable colon cancer at the time of discover are considered incurable at the time treatment is finally available.

CANADA: The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that the government must stop restricting the private sector from providing health care when the national system fails [that happens often]. Chief Justice Beverly McLach wrote: “Access to a waiting list is not access to health care.”

CUBA: “A major Cuban health care issue is the prevalence of induced abortion, largely because abortion has been used as a means to minimize the incidence of infant mortality … and as the country’s favorite birth control method.” [Sergio Diaz-Briquest, Cuban Communist 11th edition].

GREECE: Analysts believe Greece needs about 5000 general practitioners to meet demand, they currently have about 600.

Sources: “The grass is not always greener, ” Policy Analysis no. 613, CATO Institute.

Arguing with idiots, by Glenn Beck.


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