Qaddafi addressed the UN

OK, so today we heard a 90-minutes-long speech lectured by Libya’s dictator: Qaddafi. According to the CIA he suffers from “Borderline Personality Disorder” and behaves bizarrely.

Personally I think the guy needs a shower and to change his clothes.

His speech was written in some dirty sheets of paper and probably with crayons since I saw many colors in those papers!

The official UN translator must have had a bad time trying to translate the things this crazy man said. Personally it was hard to understand the translator.

Luckily our President left the chamber. I thought he was going to stay, listen and then call to Libya apologizing. You never know.

One thing that “caught my ear” was that Qaddafi refered to Obama as “my son.”

But here’s a quote that really bothered me:

“Who said the Taliban was the enemy?”

Well… here’s one little thing…. THEY ARE TERRORISTS, damn it! Of course they are the enemy! America is for freedom, not for terrorism and those who support it. If the Taliban wins in Afghanistan we are fried, because that would mean that Al Qaeda would take the control of Afghanistan once again.

“Terrorism doesn’t only come from Al Qaeda.”

Well, he is dead right about that. He is also a terrorist. Other examples of terrorists and terrorists organizations: the Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, et all.

Here’s another quote:

“Leave Afghanistan.”

Oh, sorry, Qaddi. We won’t. Because no one messes with us. We will defeat Al Qaeda and the Taliban because we “stare right in the face of terror.”


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I am a conservative (right-wing extremist). I am for a small government and low taxes. I love freedom. Can't stand the Obama socialist agenda! Follow me on Twitter!

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