White House unveils 100m in spending cuts.

What can we say about that? Oh, I know. Obama became a true fiscal conservative.

I’m just kidding. These guys’ spending is out of control and they are only saving 100 million?!

That is embarrasing.

I am sure they suffered doing these cuts:

  • The Justice Department discovered a paper has two sides (wow!) and they decided to print on those two sides. (I’m crying. Those are heroes!)
  • They decided to make travel arrangements on-line. (Only people in the world that still use travel agencies)
  • The forest service will no longer repaint its new white vehicles green immediately upon purchase. (My true heroes!)
  • The Department of Homeland Security will start getting its news on-line free, rather than renew its subscriptions. (I need a handkerchief!)
  • The Federal Emergency Management Agency is going to save $3.8 million by refurbishing and reusing or selling its emergency trailers — like the ones provided to people displaced by hurricanes — instead of ditching them.

I am proud of them. 100 million are 0.006% of the estimated federal deficit. We are saved.


About Flor Miguez
I am a conservative (right-wing extremist). I am for a small government and low taxes. I love freedom. Can't stand the Obama socialist agenda! Follow me on Twitter! twitter.com/flor2009

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